Monice Haynes
Instructor Pilot

About me

  • I hold an FAA ATP and a CFII (Instrument Instructor) as well as a JAR CPL with FI CPL-IR (Airplane).
  • I have over 10000 flight hours in the following aircraft:
    PA28, PA28R-201 (Arrow), PA44 (Seminole) BE 33 (Bonanza), Cessna 152, 182, 210, M20 (Mooney), DA40 (Diamond).
  • 30 years of experience in flight training and generally in tutoring. Extensive knowledge of training methods.
  • 6 years of experience as an instructor pilot in Arizona.
  • I am also a ground instructor for aerodynamics, powerplant, performance, mass and balance and navigation for JAR-ATPL and I hold a Master of Science in Mathematics.
  • English and German Proficient.